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In addition to the feature film, the discs include two Special Features – “Conversation with Patrick” and “Patrick Tells Stories”.

First broadcast onPBS Doc Film Series REEL SOUTH.
Check your local PBS listings or request that your station air the series.  Thanks to the Southern Documentary Fund and SCETV for producing this great program.


In a career spanning four continents and three decades, internationally acclaimed environmental artist Patrick Dougherty has created over two hundred majestic sculptures out of nothing more than saplings. Bending Sticks offers an intimate portrait of the artist. The film follows Dougherty and his collaborators during a year of “stickwork” revealing his creative process, his inspirations, his thoughts about the temporary nature of his work, and his unusual personal story.

I think that part of my work’s allure is its impermanence, the life cycle that is built into the growth and decay of saplings. My focus has always been the process of building a work and allowing those who pass to enjoy the daily changes or drama of building a sculpture as well as the final product. However, the line between trash and treasure is thin, and the sculptures, like the sticks they are made from, begin to fade after two years.  Often the public imagines that a work of art should be made to last, but I believe that a sculpture, like a good flower bed, has its season.

– Patrick Dougherty