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Bending Sticks: The Sculpture of Patrick Dougherty
Documentary  |  54 Minutes  |  16X9   |  HD   |  English  |  Captions in English
Directed by Penelope Maunsell and Kenny Dalsheimer
©2013  PenKen Productions

I am struck and astounded by the life described in the film Bending Sticks.  The film depicts repeated forays of the peripatetic Patrick Dougherty (fueled by driving blues and harmonica harp) to encounter new space, new workers, new sticks, and the resulting new art.  This is a film about a truly original human being.  – Thomas Sayre

Bending Sticks offers a fascinating chronicle of the creative process behind the work of twig-snarl artist Patrick Dougherty.  From conception, through construction with volunteers, and finally, public response, this film captures the unique charms and universal appeal of the creations made by this arboreal poet. Bravo!   – Mark Sloan

 A lovely film on the whole process of an artist thinking, doing and “making his dreams”………all over, under and around the world!  – Petah Coyne

Photo: Zan Maddox